Are You Building Bridges or Walls?

We live in a world of walls.  Walls that divide things into small manageable pieces, or so we think. Our goal in separating things is to understand them better, but over time, this method of understanding becomes restrictive and limiting.  What started out as a way to better define things or manage them becomes a set-in-stone method.  In educational circles, this looks like programs that are ineffective being continued on after their usefulness has expired.  Or perhaps a lack of innovation because “we’ve never done it that way before.” The walls go up until we are a fragmented system in which no one area communicates meaningfully with the others.  I believe this happens across all forms of education, not just in public schools.  Colleges, churches, private schools, extracurricular classes, corporate training rooms…all of these places are full of walls that divide their members.  So how do we fix that?  Is there a solution? The answer is yes, there is.  Build bridges.



We are a company that specializes in helping students and teachers succeed. We believe that every child is valuable and important. We also know that every child learns differently. This means instruction needs to be tailored to meet their needs. That is our specialty. We work with students and teachers to help customize learning strategies that work for all students.

We work with students in the area in which they need help. In collaboration with the teacher, we practice skills needed to fill in learning gaps. In doing so, we make way for forward academic progress and therefore, success!!
We meet with parents to craft an individualized and detailed step by step academic plan. This goes beyond tutoring by creating a path for growth using our experience and expertise to choose research-based strategies to increase the students’ potential for success.
Our advocacy for students includes going with parents to teacher conferences, IEP, EIP, and RTI meetings or any other interaction with the school in which parents want experienced educators who know the system and laws well. We are educational interpreters.
We offer occasional workshops that are geared towards specific goals, such as: College Application Essays, Writing prep for SAT / ACT, Personal Finance, Teacher Training, Time Management/Study Skills

        Making success possible is what we do. 




We care about your success.
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