I Am an Addict

I have an addiction to school supplies.  Crayons, glue, paper, folders, scissors, markers…even index cards…I have a collection of all colors from neon to pastel. Don’t even get me started on the containers in which to put all my newly acquired materials.  Let’s just say I should own stock in The Container Store. In reality, I don’t think it is the actual supplies that keep me coming back for more.  Instead I think it is the newness.  Fresh unopened crayons.  Markers that aren’t dried out.  Pencils with virgin erasers.  Unsoiled paper.  These things remind me of new beginnings.  They speak of a fresh start. What person doesn’t want a clean slate every once in a while?  Who doesn’t like seasons that change from time to time? Binders with crisp new filler paper are a perfect metaphor for unknown and yet unchosen outcomes. Blank divider tabs give unlimited potential combinations of subjects; just as real life choices order our days.  It is a new year with new students…new lessons…and all the hope that comes with them.  There is a scripture that says, “His mercies are new every morning” and I believe it to be true…the proof is in the school supplies.

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