Tidbits for Teachers are regular SHORT inspirations and tips to bring hope and encouragement to teachers in all settings. I hope to give you a shot in the arm and remind you why you chose this career in the first place.

How to Tell it is a New School Year

You know it’s the beginning of a new school year when:

  • The pencils on your desk are all sharpened.

  • The standards you are teaching have been posted on the board for a week and are still readable.

  • The bulletin board paper has not faded.

  • There are still pencils on your desk.

  • The expo markers still write all the time.

  • All the names on the discipline chart are still on green all day.

  • The books in your classroom library are all in order.

  • You are still thrilled with how your classroom turned out.

  • The board is still white.

  • Everything is organized individually in tubs.

  • Your lesson plans are done for more than one day at a time.

  • You and your students remember to follow all the classroom rules.

  • There are still erasers on the pencils on your desk.

  • There is plenty of Kleenex.

  • The glue sticks are not dried out.

  • You have all the kinds of paper you need, construction, notebook, copy, and cardstock.

  • All paper is fresh and clean.

  • Students love to show you their new backpacks/lunchboxes.

  • The crayons still have points and paper on them.

  • The faces you see each day are fresh and happy to be back at school.

  • One of the faces happy to be back is yours.

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