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Education Reform

Education reform has been talked about for as many years as there have been teachers.  Each election cycle, the debate as to what needs to change vs. what is working rages on.  The concern from teachers has always been how politicians make sweeping decisions for thousands of people without ever stepping foot into a classroom.  I don’t think that will change this year, however I do wonder if it is time for the grass roots educators to rise up and do what we know to do.

From our experience, we know that children will be affected by what is happening in our world.  They will have fears and anxieties based on what they are seeing around them, on the news, or in person.  Rather than go back to education as usual in these unusual circumstances, why don’t we make some changes.  Why don’t we talk about what is happening instead of ignoring it?  Why don’t we make problem-solving real-life situations part of the curriculum?  Why not discuss citizenship and what good character looks like?  All the things we have been wanting to teach in more depth, for years, can be emphasized in this new normal we are formulating.

All the abnormal-ness of this season can be used to the advantage of the students who are walking through this part of history.  If nothing else we can teach them to articulate and narrate their days for the future of their own children.  As teachers, we are creative.  We are resilient.  We want the best for our kids and now we have the chance to integrate it into the crisis, to create a thoughtful reflection which will live on as they look back on this time in the future.

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