During Covid-19, in addition to our usual consulting, we have added educational consulting for parents who are teaching their children at home or using some kind of virtual or hybrid model.  We offer parent appointments in which we encourage as well as give practical strategies for helping children of multiple grade levels with concepts they are learning.  These sessions can be weekly or as needed.  We still offer our consulting to businesses regarding content writing, and to educational non- profit organizations who have a global investment in educating children in hard places.  

During the Covid-19 crisis, education has become a challenge.  We offer many solutions for parents to choose from.  Individual tutoring is always available.  We also work with small groups of children in one family or with groups of families who are "quaranteaming."  We will custom design a solution that works for your situation.  We know each family has differing needs and we are equipped to offer solutions.  


We are a company that specializes in making success possible.  The content we create is clear in message, customized for our clients. We write copy for corporations, non-profits, or individuals.  We can tell a story so that people connect with it and move to action.  We also offer writing instruction for all grade levels. This includes research papers, book reports, essays, and preparing for standardized assessments. We work with students throughout the writing process.  Editing and revising services are also available.




We design and organize teacher conferences globally for those in harsh places such as refugee camps. Our conferences are designed to give teachers resources, knowledge, and encouragement to reach their students despite the hardships of their environments. 



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